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Microspheres are polymeric micron range particles with sizes from 1 to 1000 µm ( Table 10.1 ). These microspheres are used for drug delivery, wherein the drug can be encapsulated or entrapped form. Based on the polymeric composition of microspheres, they can be classified into two types: natural and synthetic.


2014-10-8 · Two alternative interrogation techniques are (1) Preparation and Planning, Engage and Explain, Account, Closure and Evaluate (PEACE), a less confrontational method used in England, and (2) the Kinesic Interview, a method that focuses on recognizing deception.

Types of Microscopes

2021-8-24 · The light microscope. The common light microscope used in the laboratory is called a compound microscope because it contains two types of lenses that function to magnify an object. The lens closest to the eye is called …

Vehicle Restraint Systems

2012-6-14 · Vehicle Restraint Systems. Restraint systems and the vehicle structure are both key elements to vehicle crashworthiness. If there is little to no intrusion …


2014-10-8 · There are nine steps to the Reid interrogation technique, briefly described below. 1. The positive confrontation. The investigator tells the suspect that the evidence demonstrates the person''s guilt. If the person''s guilt seems clear to the investigator, the statement should be unequivocal. 2. Theme development.

Observational and interventional study design types; an ...

2014-6-15 · Introduction. Study design plays an important role in the quality, execution, and interpretation of biomedical and public health research (1–12).Each study design has their own inherent strengths and weaknesses, and there can be a general hierarchy in study designs, however, any hierarchy cannot be applied uniformly across study design types (3,5,6,9).


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Chapter 37. Operations in Evaluating Community ...

2021-9-24 · Various kinds of quantitative analysis can indicate changes in a dependent variable related to – frequency, duration, timing (when particular things happen), intensity, level, etc. They can allow you to compare those changes to one another, to changes in another variable, or to changes in another population.

Simulation-based learning: Just like the real thing

2009-1-27 · Simulation is a technique for practice and learning that can be applied to many different disciplines and trainees. It is a technique (not a technology) to replace and amplify real experiences with guided ones, often "immersive" in nature, that evoke or replicate substantial aspects of the real world in a fully interactive fashion.

4 Types of Data Analytics to Improve Decision-Making

2017-7-11 · Editor''s note: If, despite all your efforts, your decision-making is still gut feeling-based rather than informed, check whether you use the right mix of data analytics types. Read on and turn to our data analytics consultants for tailored …

Ethical Hacking

2021-9-15 · QualysGuard is an integrated suite of tools that can be utilized to simplify security operations and lower the cost of compliance. It delivers critical security intelligence on demand and automates the full spectrum of auditing, compliance and protection for …

BMX Bikes – Everything You Need To Know

2021-9-20 · Although the best BMX bikes may seem very simple to the naked eye, they can actually be quite complex, and require just as much discretion and knowledge before buying as with any other kind of bike oosing the wrong bike for a particular use or style can lead to plenty of buyer''s remorse. This guide will delve into all the essential information one should know …

Content Taxonomy

The Content Taxonomy has evolved over time to provide publishers with a consistent and easy way to organize their website content. For example, to differentiate "sports" vs. "news" vs. "wellness" material. IAB Tech Lab''s Content Taxonomy specification provides additional utility aimed at minimizing the risk that content categorization signals could be used to generate …

5 pursuit techniques for stopping a fleeing suspect

2021-9-14 · Motor vehicle pursuit is one of the most difficult activities for an officer to manage, especially at high speeds or under fire. If you find yourself in a vehicle pursuit situation, here are five strategies for bringing the pursuit to a successful end and apprehending the fleeing suspect.



23 Deep Learning Papers To Get You Started — Part 1 | by ...

2017-11-24 · Chain rule is utilized in the learning process of a CNN. The general notation is : dz/dx = (dz/dy).(dy/dx) Here, z is a function of y, which in turn is …

The Crash of United Flight 93 in Shanksville, Pennsylvania

2013-3-28 · The crash site of the fourth airplane hijacked during the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, was very different from the other three. Somerset County is a rural area of southwestern Pennsylvania known as a good place to ski and hunt. The fire departments are predominantly volunteer and the

19 Awesome Navbar CSS Examples with Code Snippet

2019-10-8 · This menu idea is a progressively normal one and can be utilized in all kinds of site navigation menu plans. This is the same as the over one however the shading plans contrasts. Impacts are kept straightforward, which makes it an ideal fit for all kinds of sites. As a matter of course, you get the menu alternatives organized in a level line.

Accident investigation techniques

2 The purpose of accident investigation. 3 Main techniques for accident investigations and analyses. 3.1 Simple techniques. 3.2 Advanced techniques. 3.2.1 The AcciMap. 3.2.2 STAMP. 3.2.3 MTO-analysis. 3.2.4 Functional Resonance Accident Model (FRAM) 4 Selecting a suitable accident investigation technique.


2018-9-28 · SS Headgear. SS headgear has been aptly described as the "crowning glory of the Third Reich". The Germans, before and during World War 2, put a lot of effort into making stylish hats and caps to outfit their military, paramilitary and even non-military organizations.

8 Essential Cuts Every Editor Should Know

2015-10-6 · Video from Filmmaker IQ 2. Jump Cut. The jump cut is a technique which allows the editor to jump forward in time. We see an early version of this technique in Eisenstein''s Battleship Potemkin, where the battleship fires a …

The Ultimate Guide to Panic Hardware Installation | Great ...

2021-5-21 · The crossbar or touchpad part of the hardware must span at least half the width of each door. On balanced doors, where the pivot point is closer to the center of the door, a push-pad panic device is needed and must not span more …

Criminal law Section 11 Flashcards | Quizlet

a. Serious injury. b. The use of a dangerous or deadly weapon. c. The intent to kill, rape, or serious bodily harm. _____ under common law was the forcible abduction or stealing away of a person from his or her own country and sending him or her into another country. b. Kidnapping.

Accident investigation techniques

2021-4-27 · Eventually new kinds of tools replaced stone handaxes. Some were small or made of several parts. Some were made of bone, ivory, or antler. Over the past 100,000 years, as modern humans spread around the world, the pace of technological change accelerated—leading to today''s extraordinary diversity of specialized tools.

Chapter 4 British Mercantilism and the Cost of Empire T

2008-1-30 · a. mercantilism e. 4 kinds of mercantile laws i. 3 kinds of colonies b. exports & imports f. Navigation Acts j. triangular trade c. favorable balance of trade g. enumerated goods k. smuggling l. benefits of being British subjects d. balance of payments h. "British ships" 2.

Literary Analysis of "Fish Cheeks" by Amy Tan Example ...

2017-2-14 · Literary Analysis: "Fish Cheeks". In Amy Tan''s "Fish Cheeks," a young learns that she should not be ashamed of her of her culture. The author employs strong symbols and vivid imagery to depict this very theme as she traces the events of a memorable Christmas gathering. The cultural differences that serve as the narrator''s main ...

4 Types of Data Analytics to Improve Decision-Making

2017-7-11 · Editor''s note: If, despite all your efforts, your decision-making is still gut feeling-based rather than informed, check whether you use the right mix of data analytics types. Read on and turn to our data analytics consultants for tailored recommendations.. Back in the 17th century, John Dryden wrote, "He who would search for pearls must dive below."